What is the biggest adjustment GameMasters will have to make to run a WoL™ game vs other FRPGs?

2019-04-25 08:46

Other than learning the core mechanics themselves, the biggest adjustment GameMasters will have to make running a WoL™ game vs other FRPGs is probably Health Points. Both Adventurers and enemies have a higher HP than they do in many other games plus enemies are able to have Experience Levels in WoL™ and therefore have increasing HP. This is due to the fact that we are creating legendary, epic heroes in Worlde of Legends™ whose power gets significantly stronger as they increase their Ability Mastery Rank and gain Experience Levels. GameMasters and players alike will see enemy HP hitting 100+ at a much lower Experience Level than they would in many other games. This may require GMs to make an adjustment in how they think about combat, especially if they have been GMing for a long time. Fortunately, enemy statistics are very flexible and can be changed in the heat of the moment so most GMs will adapt very quickly.

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