Can you really try to dodge arrows in Worlde of Legends?

2019-05-03 03:38

Yes. At any time, a WoL™ Adventurer can attempt to dodge an incoming attack. Adventurers can attempt to dodge attacks by rolling an AGILITY (AGL) Attribute Check on 2d12 with a -4 penalty vs melee weapons and a -8 penalty vs missile weapons.

There are also Skilled + Actions in the Worlde of Legends™ game that allows an Adventurer to attempt to dodge a missile weapon with a normal parry roll (usually with scaling penalties/bonuses based on Mastery Rank). Note that the Adventurer is not parrying with a weapon but using the parry roll to determine if dodging the arrow was a success or failure. In addition, if the Adventurer makes a successful parry roll by a specified amount over the minimum required for the roll to be successful, the Adventurer can actually catch the arrow in mid-flight!

In the full version of Worlde of Legends™, there is a Learned Skill that allows an improved chance to dodge missile weapons by providing bonuses to your 2d12 rolls based on your Learned Skill Mastery Level.

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