The "Charge Attack" Weapons Mastery Skilled + Action says that an Adventurer moves at a rate of 5 feet per segment while charging. My Adventurer's natural movement rate allows me to move faster than 5 ft per segment. Does this "charging" movement rate apply to me?

2019-05-03 04:14

Yes, the movement rate of 5 feet per segment while "charging" for use of the Weapons Mastery "Charge Attack" Skilled + Action applies to every Adventurer no matter their natural Movement Rate or Speed. This charging action is a special charge that requires the Weapons Master to focus (so you get the ARM bonus) and put extra strength to gain maximum momentum (so you get the damage bonus).  This is done by managing the length of the stride while charging and pushing off the back foot with extra force for each stride resulting in a metered stride that covers 5 feet per segment (every half-second).

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