It seems the Bard's Combat Performance is a piece of music that is very short. How does that work?

2019-05-03 03:25

That is correct. The Bardic Combat Performance is a short piece of music that is played on a Bardic Enchanted Instrument that has been majikally tuned so that certain note combinations tap into the pseudo-majikal residue that is left in the world as the weaves of majikal thread pass through.  These performance tunes are ALWAYS played at a precise 120 bps (beats per segment) which is equal to 60 bpm (beats per minute).

The key a performance tune is played in is usually an indicator of which majikal element is being used. Most Bardic Enchantments (and Skilled + Actions) use the SPIRIT element are most often played in the key of D (2 sharps - F# and D#). Other key signatures are indicative of other majikal elements.

Each combat performance melody also has a required number of notes that must be played over the time period specified by the Enchantment's EPT (Enchantment Preparation Time). This also applies to Skilled + Actions. When a Bard's Enchantment is under the effect of something that reduces casting time, such as the FastWeave Bard Skilled + Action, the Bard must play the same number of notes in the same rhythm even though the performance requires less time. This means, of course, the Bard has to increase the tempo of the performance to complete the Combat Performance Melody in the designated amount of time.

Watch for the upcoming release of the Bardic Arts Handbook which will include many details about Bard Pseudo-Majik, Bardic Instruments, the life of a Bard, and the actual melodies for many of the Enchantments and Skilled + Actions.

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